Zquiet mouthpiece reviews

Zquiet Consumer Reviews From Actual Users – The Naked Truth!

What if you woke up in the middle of the night with your gums bleeding because of the mouthpiece you wear for your snoring problem? What if your teeth become loose? What if you knew the risk beforehand? Would you reconsider purchasing it?

In this brutally honest Zquiet mouthpiece review, we at 101 Sleep Solutions break down the pros and cons. We have also included unbiased testimonials from actual users who have purchased the mouthpiece. It is essential to see the whole experience, so you can make a truly informed decision for yourself. We will start by giving you a real answer to all of your burning questions.

Our Average Consumer Review for Zquiet- (C) 2.5/5

Zquiet consumer reviews

We believe there are Four Key Factors to focus on before you decide to purchase any kind of snoring mouthpiece on the market.

First, you want to know if the mouthpiece is going to fit your jawline and sit comfortably in your mouth. You must find out how effective it truly is at stopping and preventing snoring. You want to know what others who have already bought the product are saying about their experience. Finally, you want to find out what the actual cost of ownership for the device is.

Zquiet’s Fit Inside the User’s Mouth 

Our research found that Zquiet’s users gave mixed reviews when it comes to how well it fits inside of their mouth. One of the wonderful things about this mouthpiece is the living hinge technology that makes for easy breathing while wearing the mouthpiece and sleeping. The biggest user complaint about the Zquiet snoring mouthpiece is that it only comes in one size. This can be tricky since people do not all have the same jawline. In fact, most of the people who need to use mouthpieces to stop snoring have abnormal jawlines.

The mouthpiece is marketed to be a “one size fits all” solution to all snoring, but that does not seem to be the case. There are a lot of satisfied customers who are happy with their purchase, but there have been numerous user complaints about Zquiet regarding discomfort and pain caused by the mouthpiece. If you also have an irregular jawline, it might be difficult for the mouthpiece to contour to your specific jawline.

Zquiet’s Real Performance Reviewed by Its Users

Zquiet mouthpiece users gave very mixed reviews on its effectiveness as well. Consumers have reported a significant reduction in their snoring and nighttime interruptions, but that is not the case for everybody. An alarming number of Zquiet’s consumers have reported the Zquiet does not fit well, keeps falling out of their mouths, and causes pain and discomfort that keeps them up all night.

When you look at the big picture, the Zquiet mouthpiece seems to be a hit or a miss. If it works – it works very well. When it fails – it fails miserably. This lack of effectiveness is mainly attributed to the lack of varied sizes to accommodate the distinct size jawlines.

Zquiet Consumer Reports & Zquiet complaints

According to user feedback, “the customer service and money back guarantee” are also a cause for a lot of complaints. To see the reason behind this issue, we checked Yelp.com. Here are what users are saying about their Zquiet’s customer service experience. These complaints include:

  • Slow, un-responsive, and rude customer service
  • Unauthorized charges on credit cards
  • Difficult and frustrating return process
  • Longer than advertised shipping process

zquiet customer complaints

zquiet customer complaints

zquiet customer reviews and complaints

Zquiet Side Effects Users Should Expect

  • Tender Tongue. Users have reported a tendering of the tongue as one of the most common side effects of the Zquiet mouthpiece. This side effect is temporary and can last from 1-3 weeks. Please allow for continuous use for your body to adapt to the changes caused by the mouthpiece.
  • Excessive Salivation. Many Zquiet consumer reviews have also reported a temporary case of Excessive salivation, which simply means drooling. Using the mouthpiece could lead to you waking up with drool on your pillow. Majority of users also report this side effect lasts from 1-3 weeks if it happens to you.
  • Pain and discomfort. Users have reported pain and discomfort wit Zquiet. Some users have reported that their teeth got loose over a long period of time due to the mouthpiece. If you have an abnormal jawline, you might experience some of these effects. We suggest you consider a tongue guard like the Good Morning Snore Solution instead of a mouth guard like the Zquiet. A tongue guard uses the tongue to stop snoring instead of the jawline, so you will experience virtually no pain or discomfort.

Zquiet’s Full Cost. (After 30 Day Trial)

A great upside to all these short comings is the low price. Zquiet’s official website advertises a 30-day trial period for just $9.95 for shipping and handling. If you decide to keep the product after the 30 days – you will be charged the full price of $79.95. This brings your total to $89.90+ tax. This makes Zquiet a good mouthpiece if you are on a strict budget.

Another part of your cost is the maintenance. In your package you will also find 6 packets of powder and 3 packets of cleaning solution along with a small case to soak the mouthpiece in. This will help to make sure that bacteria does not build up inside the mouthpiece. When those run out, you will have to keep ordering more cleansers to avoid bacterial build up inside the device.

After reading our take on the subject, if you have decided on ordering the Zquiet mouthpiece – you can do so by going to their official web page.

Our Recommendation

Good morning snore solution reviews


We at 101 Sleep Solution recommend the Good Morning Snore Solution tongue guard. We recommend the Good Morning Snore Solutions tongue guard due to its unique ability and excellent features. What makes it stand out from the crowd is how it utilizes the tongue instead of the jawline to stop snoring. Most of the anti-snoring products on the market today are mouth guards that use the jawline to stop snoring. Some of them work, while most of them don’t. However, even the best mouth guards will come with a level of pain/discomfort that users must get used to. Good Morning Snore Solution is unique, because it uses the tongue to stop snoring. This allows users to reduce and eliminate snoring without sacrificing their comfort.

About GMSS. How does it work?

Snoring is caused when the tissues located in the back of your throat vibrate. These vibrations are caused by a restriction in your air passage due to a collapsed tongue or jawline. Good morning snore solutions eliminates snoring by preventing this collapse.


Good morning snore solution prevents the collapse of the tongue and the jawline using a small suction bulb. Here is how it works. The suction bulb on the GMSS tongue guard latches on to the tip your tongue. This action positions the device right in-between the inside of your teeth and the outside of your teeth. When your tongue is in that position it will be unable to collapse into the back of your throat and restrict your airways when you fall asleep. No restriction results in a smooth airway which in turn eliminates the vibration of tissues in the back of your throat. No vibration means no snoring.

Benefits of the Good Morning Snore Solution.

  • Clinically Proven – A clinical study conducted by Dr. Leslie Dort, DDS, shows that the Good Morning Snore Solution tongue guard is scientifically proven to effectively reduce and eliminate snoring.
  • Established in the market – The GMSS tongue guard was first made available to the public in 2008, and it has been the top rated and best reviewed anti snoring product by consumers since then. They have on of the best reputations in the industry.
  • Designed by a Dentist – Designed by a dentist to assure the highest-level of safety and comfort when you are sleeping.
  • Maximum comfort – Most mouth guards on the market use your jawline to battle snoring, which puts a pressure on the jaw causing pain and discomfort to the user. The GMSS mouthpiece uses your tongue to battle snoring, so you will experience comfort without compromising effectiveness.
  • Latex & BPA Free – The GMSS is free from harmful chemicals that can cause an allergic reactions or medical complications to users. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a harmful raw material which can seep into your bloodstream with repeated use and cause severe medical complications.
  • FDA Approved – The GMSS tongue guard is reviewed and approved by the FDA to be safe inside of your mouth.
  • Low Maintenance – The GMSS tongue guard is extremely easy to clean and maintain for users. Its durable raw material makes for an extended shelf life as well.
  • No Dental Issues – The GMSS is safe to use if you have oral appliances such as braces, dentures, caps, crowns, or bridgework. This is another unique feature of the GMSS tongue guard that make it our best reviewed product.
  • Affordable – At a price$129, (see discount link below) it’s clear that the GMSS tongue guard is more expensive most of the other products available in the market. However, you will get the value that you paid for. Also, it costs hundreds of dollars less than prescription mouth guards, and thousands of dollars less than surgery. If you use our exclusive link
  • 90-day return policy– While most companies offer a 30-day refund policy, Good Morning Snore Solution offers a 3 month return policy with a full refund if you have any issues with their product. This is another reason they are the top rated and best reviewed companies in the industry.

Our Final Thoughts

Our conclusion is that Good Morning Snore Solutions is the best anti snoring solution available on the market. Yes, it costs more than the cheaper option Zquiet. However, it is the better product on all other deciding factors. It is safer, more comfortable, and more effective than the Zquiet mouthpiece or any other anti-snoring product we have come across in our research. Not to mention the exceptional customer service you will receive from their company.

That is why we feel comfortable and confident in recommending the Good Morning Snore Solution tongue guard to everyone who snores or has a loved one who does. You can read our in-depth review if you want more information before deciding on which product is right for your needs. As a thank you for visiting 101 Sleep Solutions we would like to offer you our exclusive $25 discount link when you are ready to order.

Good morning snore solution user reviews




33 thoughts on “Zquiet Consumer Reviews From Actual Users – The Naked Truth!

  1. If you are wondering – Does zquiet work or not? I say dont take that chance. I was not too pleased with my experience with the mouthpiece not to mention their customer service. It was hell trying to return the damn thing. I ended up cutting my loses to save myself from that headache. I would feel much better recommending an alternative to someone.

  2. It works alright. I bought the zquiet for my husband not too long ago. It definitely has reduced his snoring and allowed me to get some rest, but Im not overwhelmed with the results. My biggest complaint is the quality of the product. I am already starting to see signs of aging from use and im not really sure how much longer it is going to be before I have to replace it. Would I recommend? Yes

  3. It was zquiet vs puresleep at first, but neither one are really worth it. I’ve only had them for a few months and there is too much wear and tear on both of them. Ima see what I can do with this Good morning snore solution. I’m not too happy with the $104 price tag, but I guess you get what you pay for out here.

  4. Does Zquiet really work? Yes. It is the best anti snoring mouthpiece on the market. You can not match the value and quality you get with this product. You should definitely buy it!

  5. If you are wondering “Should I buy zquiet or not?” Save your time and go with Good Morning Snore Solution. You are going to end up spending a little extra, but I would insist on it. If you buy zquiet, good luck trying to return it.

  6. I have read countless zquiet reviews on the internet, but they are all just trying to sell the product. This is the first honest one I have ran into.

  7. Zquiet – Does it work? Yes.

    Does it work as great as they hyped it up? Meh.

    If you decide to buy it, its pretty much a gamble.

  8. It didn’t quite work good enough for me, because my braces. If you wear dental braces or other oral appliances, I would not recommend it.

  9. It works just fine. I have been using it for a few months now and thanks to it, Ivee been able to sleep in my own bedroom with my own wife for the first time in the longest. If you feel my pain, do yourself a favor and get yourself a mouthpiece. Even if its not this specific one, whatever works best for you to finally get rid of that obnoxious disease! I am going to order myself another piece for traveling or just in case I loose this one, because once I stoped snoring, there was no going back for me.

  10. The zquiet mouthpiece is the best thing to happen to me. Ever since I bought it for my boyfriend, I have finally been able to fall asleep and stay that way through a whole night !!!!

  11. This is a great zquiet review. I have yet to see other websites to incorporate zquiet consumer reviews into their own post. Most of the time they are too busy just trying to make a quick sale.

  12. Me and my buddy bought this. It worked fine for me. I meant it didnt fully cure my snoring but it definitely help reduce it. I would recommend it. If you can spare the money – give it a try.

  13. You should not waste your time with the Zquiet. You should buy the Good morning mouthpiece. Yes its more expensive but what you get in return is the best customer service and a high grade prescription quality anti snoring mouthpiece for under $200

  14. I agree with many of the above reviews. This is the most uncomfortable mouth piece you could ever imagine. I decided to send it back immediately. I called the ZQuiet company, and had the displeasure of speaking with an extremely rude service rep named Jauni. She tried to talk me out of sending this piece of crap back, and then told me it had to be back in 10 days. What happened to 30 days? My advice….”Do not buy!!!

  15. My advice would be DO NOT BUY this device. Extremely uncomfortable, and extremely RUDE customer service. It will be a miracle if they don’t charge my credit card $60

  16. Be careful doing business with these people. They have despicable business practices, do not protect your credit card numbers, and have a very nasty attitude. Buyer beware!

  17. This is a supportive review of the ZQuiet. I’ve got nothing but good to say about it. The Love of My Life has appreciated my sleep-depriving (for her) snore disappearing. It took a couple of days for me to get used to (minor jaw ache and the unfamiliar feeling of a foreign object in my mouth) but after a little more than a week I easily sleep through the night with it.

    My advice- soak it in hot tap water as suggested to make it a bit more malleable. I put it in during the day (when I received it) to get used to it. My initial reaction wasn’t very receptive but I persevered. The first few nights I removed it when it annoyed me (had a cold too- bad timing…) and put it back in when TLoML gave me The Nudge.

    It works for this Guy and I’m going to order backups. BTW- I think I’m fortunate, no trimming required and mouthpiece #1 was a good fit for me.

  18. I like the ZQuiet. The 1st night I wore it was a little uncomfortable, but it did stop my snoring.You have to be a little brave and NOT give up so rapidly.

  19. I ordered the product but it was uncomfortable and my husband said my snoring was not bad enough to need this so I called Customer service about returning it. I was told I would not be charged if it was received within 10 days. The company received the product back within the 10 days but still charged my credit card the full amount. I immediately called Customer service who confirmed they received it and I would be credited within 3-5 days … that was a month ago. I’ll be reporting this company to government regulatory officials.

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