The 101 Snore Killer Bundle – Sure Fire Way To Eliminate Snoring!

Get Rid of Snoring Forever: The Ultimate Triple Pack

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Take advantage of our most popular offer and save over $80 when you bundle up. Get the ultimate protection against snoring with all three of our top products to stop snoring in its tracks. This offer also comes with Free Standard Shipping. If you find yourself to be a regular/severe snoring patient and you’re looking to fully eradicate your snoring, then you’re going to want the power of three products in one.

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With the triple pack you’ll have access to not only the Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece ($129), but also the Infrared Snoring Watch($79) and the Snoring Nose Clip($25). These items, individually, are among the best in snoring protection. But when all three are combined and put together they give the ultimate satisfaction of being able to breathe freely without any sign of snoring. Your loved ones will appreciate never having to hear you snore once you have the triple pack working for you. 

The Way to Breathe Easy

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You know all about the Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece, but if you’re not aware just yet, you should know that this mouthpiece is the most effective of the three when it comes to reducing and ultimately eliminating snoring.  We recommend this mouthpiece to regular and severe snoring patients.

The Breathe Easy works by comfortably and firmly holding your jawline and tongue in the right position to avoid a blockage in the air passage. The blockage is usually caused by an irregular jawline or tongue that collapse to the back of our throat during sleep. Since a person can not actively monitor the position of our tongue and jawline while they are asleep, The Breathe Easy does it for them. 

Training yourself to sleep better 

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In addition to the Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece you’ll also receive the Snore Stopper Infrared Anti Snoring Watch. What is the Snore Stopper? Well it’s a great way to automatically detect snoring as well as condition your mind and body to avoid snoring. It works through electronic pulses that are sent into your skin in the middle of the night while you sleep. It’s not as bad as it sounds! In fact you likely won’t feel it all that much. The idea is that your brain will sense the pulse and, tell your body to change sleep positions.

If you notice that you only snore when you are sleeping on your back or a certain sleep posture, this watch is excellent for you. People are unaware that they are snoring while they are asleep, so there is no way to tell the body to change positions. The snore stopper acts like a second brain that works for you while you are asleep. Whenever snoring is detected, it stimulates the nerves on the patient’s skin with its pulse to let the body know to get in the correct sleep posture. 

Now with Nose Clips

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Last, but certainly not least, is the Snore Stopper Nose Clip. An addition that goes along with the regular Snore Stopper, this nose clip attachment also works great on its own, or as part of the triple pack with the Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece. It’s a simple nose clip that, when attached, allows the nasal passages to open up and allow air to flow in and out much easier than it normally would be. When you’ve got a lot of air coming in and out, but your passageway is blocked up, this can lead to bouts of snoring that range from mile to very severe. It’s important to be able to have a nose clip even if your snoring is mild because it still helps reduce the chance of health issues getting in your way. This Nose Clip is great for people who have allergies, congestion, narrow airways etc…

Health Advantages of A Snore Free Life.

When compared side by side, its a no brainier that Snore Free people enjoy a much better night’s sleep than a snoring patient, but there are multiple advantages of a having a snore free life. Such as:

  • Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Achieving continuous Deep Sleep
  • Significantly reduced chance for Heart attack
  • Significantly reduced chance for Hypertension
  • Significantly reduced chance for Stroke
  • Significantly reduced chance for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • (Bonus) No more sleeping on the couch or separate bedrooms.

A Special Value


If you act now you’ll be able to get your hands on all three of these products. Separately, these products come in at a great value. But when combined, you wind up saving even more money! Now you can have the Breathe-Easy Machine, the Snore Stopper and the Snore Stopper Nose Clip for the very low price of $149! Act now and you’ll be able to get free shipping with your order.

All the products above come with a no questions 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with these products after 30 days, you can get a full refund for your purchase. We will even let you keep the product as an act of good faith. So what are you waiting for? Act now and take the first step towards a snore free life.


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