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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece – No More Surgery?

Hello there friend, welcome. Looking for a high quality stop snoring mouthpiece that is prescription grade effective as well as comfortable to wear throughout the night? If so, you are in the perfect place. Thank you for visiting 101 Sleep Solutions. Keep reading to find out alarming statistics released from clinical studies about snoring and the health risks that come with it. Also find out how you can use a simple oral appliance that can significantly reduce and eliminate your snoring.


Snoring patients and their sleep partners understand the chaos snoring can bring to one’s lifestyle . For those who do not know just how loud snoring is; Severe snoring falls in between 60 -80 decibels. For comparison – A car horn is 90 decibels and intense traffic is 70 decibels. A National Sleep Foundation survey revealed 31% of couples are making changes to their sleep habits directly due to their sleep partner’s loud snoring. The survey also revealed:

  • 23 percent of couples admit to sleeping separately
  • 8 percent said they are forced to change their sleep schedules
  • 7 percent  claim earplugs or a sleep mask is necessary to stay asleep
  • 38 percent admit their partner’s snoring has hurt their relationship
  • 27 percent report snoring and the resulting sleepiness has caused a loss of intimacy
  • When compared, 34 percent of the female participants said they needed a minimum of 8 hours or more of sleep every night. In contrast, only 18 percent of males reported they needed 8 or more hours of sleep per night.
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Surgery – The Only Option?

For a long time people believed the only permanent cure to snoring was surgery.  The procedure is called – Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Basically what they do is go inside of your mouth and cut away extra tissue in the throat to widen the airway. The success rate for this procedure is around 46% to 73%. This graphic illustration shows a desired before and after results when undergoing this surgery 

surgery to stop snoring

However, surgical procedures have many downsides: Complications after surgery may include:

  • Tiredness, sleepiness, and breathing pauses (sleep apnea), both related to the medicine (anesthesia) that made you sleep during surgery.
  • Swelling, pain/discomfort, infection, and bleeding.
  • sore throat (pain swallowing.)
  • A change in your voice/speech.
  • Narrower airways in the throat and or nose.
  • They also cost a lot of money and require up to 3 weeks of recovery time.

If you can not afford surgical procedures, and or to take 3 weeks off work to recover, you’re in luck: there’s a product on the market that could meet all your needs. It’s called the Breathe Easy – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece.


This prescription grade Snoring Mouthpiece is a groundbreaking product designed to enable a totally hassle – free and non-invasive way of helping people stop their snoring. Simply put, if you take a look at the classifieds or browse the Internet, you’ll likely be bombarded with thousands of so-called “miracle anti – snoring products” and “incredible snore – prevention mouth guards” that will either set you back a small fortune or will cost you almost nothing, which is, at the same time, exactly what they’ll do for you.

The Breathe Easy Mouthpiece is built to treat loud and severe snoring to achieve the much wanted quality deep sleep for the rest of your life.  It is  specifically designed with several important concepts in mind for your needs such as:

    • Effectiveness
    • Affordability
    • Safety
    • Comfort
    • Ease of use
    • Health Benefits
    • 30 day refund guarantee

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Why is it so important to treat snoring?

Why? Well, because snoring is potentially dangerous for your health. Most of the general population is unaware of this risk, but it is very real. Doctors and Medical Research teams are revealing shocking news regarding the harmful effects of snoring that can lead to big health problems such as severe cardiovascular complications. 

Namely, snoring had always been viewed as a simple inconvenience or a nuisance, to say the least. However, recent studies show that this is a potentially deadly misconception: snoring can be responsible for numerous health issues and dangerous complications and in some cases it can even lead to death! It’s no joke – one particular clinical study shows that patients who suffer from loud snoring are:

      • 67% more likely to suffer a stroke than non – snoring patients;
      • 34% more likely to have a heart attack;
      • And 40% more likely to develop a hypertension condition.

This is why Doctors and medical workers researchers over the world are advising their patients and anyone suffering from snoring to take charge and deal with their problem before it gets out of hand and causes serious and irreparable damage. See for yourself the difference between a regular open airway, and an obstructed airway. 

stop snoring devices


stop snoring devices

how well does it stop snoring

The Breathe Easy Mouthpiece is different from all other anti – snoring products in that it is designed to prevent snoring by eliminating both of its sources at the same time rather than just one, which is what many other products do. In order to comprehend how the Breathe Easy Mouthpiece functions, you must first understand what causes a person to snore.

Snoring is actually a vibration of air caused when either a person’s jaw line or tongue restricts the airway or the flow of air from the outer environment into the lungs and vice versa. During sleep, the body of a person is fully relaxed and relieved of tension, which includes the tongue and jaw line. Sometimes, as is the case with people who snore, either the jaw line or tongue (and sometimes both) fall backwards and create a partial barrier to the flow of air in and out of the lungs.

These barriers cause the air to vibrate as it “struggles” to overcome them and get to where it’s going. Those vibrations of air are actually called “snoring”. The Breathe Easy is designed to hold the jaw of a person forward in order to enable a smooth flow of air, just like it holds the tongue comfortably and firmly at the same time in order to prevent it from falling back again.

Breathe easy anti snoring mouthpiece diagram


This dual effect is what separates this product from all others, in addition to the fact that bruxism can also be treated with its use; namely, this condition that causes people to grind their teeth together is also treated very successfully through the use of this groundbreaking anti – snoring device.

Before you order, there are a few things regarding this Mouthpiece that you should pay attention to if you’re interested in using it, which include:

    • Not meant to be worn with other dental appliances. The dental appliance might interfere with the mouthpiece and cause you pain.
    • A tender tongue is a possible temporary side effect. Please allow 3-10 days of use for side-effect to disappear. 
    • Over – salivation is could also be a possible side effect. (usually lasts from 3 to 10 days as well.)
    • If you are unsatisfied with the results of The Breathe Easy in any way – You are entitled to a 100% refund. Simply provide your order number. (Order number will be sent to your email address immediately after confirmation of payment.
    • Warning: Beware of websites advertising anti snoring products for a very low price. You might receive an imitation product or in some cases nothing at all.
    • For your convenience, The Breathe Easy mouthpiece is available to order directly from our website for a limited time offer of $99. (Payment is processed securely through Paypal)

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Thank you for visiting at 101 Sleep Solutions. Got questions, comments, concerns? Let us know in the comment section below as well as through contact. Have a good day and a snore free night.

The Breathe Easy Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Full Review. Only The Facts!

Thank you for reading our review. This is Steven and Lisa Sanders from 101 Sleep Solutions. Need to find out more about the Breathe Easy – Dual Guard Anti Snoring Mouthpiece? You are in the perfect place. If you are looking for the order page and not a review, you can click here. to go there directly.BreatheEasy-Mouthpiece-Pictures-resize#2


In the US, more than 90 million people have snoring issues. Out of the 90, more than 37 million Americans  snore habitually meaning they have snoring issues on an almost daily basis. These 37 million Americans and anybody who sleeps with the are direct victims of snoring. Snoring is a disease and should be treated as such. It can lead to severe cardiovascular complications and increase the chance of an early death. Consider this: Our readers report they experience these symptoms as a result of snoring and the lack of sleep it causes. What about you?

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What can you do when all the usual remedies just will not work for you? Some people turn to surgery for help, but it is no guarantee. The success rate of snoring surgery is approximately 46% to 73% depending on the patient. This is why Doctors everywhere and 101 Sleep Solutions recommend trying an effective snoring mouthpiece before considering an expensive and risky surgical procedure. 

The Breathe Easy dual-guard mouthpiece is designed for prescription grade effectiveness and optimal comfort. The breathe Easy is also backed by our very own industry leading guarantee. If you are a habitual snoring patient, you will be able to dramatically reduce or completely silence your snores with your first use. Here is the science behind the mouthpiece that shows just how effective it is. 


3 Steps To A Snore Free Night


  1. The Breathe-Easy device is applied orally. It starts working the instant you put it on. We recommend you insert your device at least five(5) minutes prior to sleep to let your mouth adjust. Do this for the first two (2) weeks of use and you will benefit more. 
  2. After you put it on, the dual-guard mouthpiece will position itself on your lower jaw and slightly push it in a forward motion. This is critical, because when your jaw collapses into the back of your throat, it causes a blockage in your airways. This blockage causes vibrations on the tissues located in the back of your throat.
  3. The tongue is another factor that can cause snoring. When you are asleep, just like your jawline – your tongue can also collapse backwards and block your airways.The Breathe Easy is also prevents this by guarding your tongue as well as your jawline unlike other mouthpieces on the market. This is thanks to its dual-guard technology. 

 Get The Perfect Fit Every-time


If you have an abnormal jawline, don’t worry. The breathe easy is boil ready to virtually fit all jawlines. You can use the convenient Boil 2 Bite method to make the mouthpiece conform to your specific needs. The durability will allow you to keep using the mouthpiece for a long time without wear and tear.

Possible Breathe Easy Side-Effects

No product is perfect, and your satisfaction is our priority. Consider these drawbacks to decide if our device is right for your needs before purchasing our device. 

  • Over-salivation – Our users have reported a minor case of over-salivation. The mouthpiece could cause you to produce excessive saliva resulting in some drooling. If you experience this, do not be alarmed. Users report this issue only lasts up to one week while their body adapts to the device.
  • Tender Tongue – Another minor side effect is a slight tendering of the tongue. Our users report this issue will also disappear within one(1) or two (2) weeks of use. Consistently wear your device and your body will adapt to it.
  • Incompatibility – If you wear other dental appliances, such as brackets or retainers – consider another choice. We do not recommend you wear the mouthpiece simultaneously with other devices. Doing so might be counter-productive and compromise both devices.

Breathe Easy’s Dual-Guard Mouthpiece Benefits.


There are plenty of other reasons why the Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece is as highly praised by snoring patients and Doctors. If you are still not sure if the Breathe Easy is not the right mouthpiece for you, check out the the mouthpiece and its great benefits in detail. Here are just a few reasons why this simple oral appliance is so powerful when it comes to stopping snoring in its tracks. 

  • Durable and flexible high-tech soft silicone – The  Breathe easy mouthpiece is made from flexible high quality soft silicone. You will notice  it is soft and gentle on your jawline unlike other mouthpieces which can cause tooth aches and even bleeding gums. 
  • Air holes that allow users to breathe effortlessly– The last thing you need to worry about is your mouthpiece choking you. That is why the Breathe easy comes equipped with air holes to make sure you are breathing seamlessly and uninterrupted through the entire night.
  • Air springs at the base to help control the position of the tongue and jaw – If you want to stop snoring and keep it that way through the whole night, you need to make sure your mouthpiece stays in position guarding your tongue and jaw from causing a blockage. Our mouthpiece will take care of this for you using air springs at its base to firmly and comfortably keep your jawline and tongue where they need to be.
  • Dual-Guard technology stops snoring at both sources – The tongue and jawline are the two most common causes of snoring. While other snoring mouthpieces can only tackle either one or the other, the Breathe Easy guards you from snoring at both sources at the same time. If you have tried other mouthpieces in the past, you will notice the difference right away! 
  • Safer and cost-effective alternative to surgical procedures –  Surgical procedures can cost you several thousands of dollars. What is worse is that in the long term, they only cure snoring in 46 – 73 % of the people that undergo them.  They also require around three (3) weeks of downtime for successful recovery. If you are considering going under the knife to cure your snoring, you should definitely give The Breathe Easy a try first.
  • No More Bruxism – Additionally, the Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece has also been known to reduce or eliminate Bruxism. Bruxism is a medical term for when a person grinds his or her teeth in the middle of the night involuntarily. This grinding, over time, can lead to tooth related issues along with headaches and migraines if left untreated. With Breathe-Easy, the jaw is moved forward so grinding no longer occurs. This will eliminate the headaches and result in a better night’s sleep. Many grinders have had their night life changed forever thanks to this product, so even if you’re not snoring the Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece may just be what you need for a good night’s rest.
  • No prescription – No Problem– Similar mouthpieces can cost upwards of $400 and require you to take a day off to go to the doctor in order to obtain a prescription before you can buy them. We have made the Breathe Easy directly available to the public from our website, so you can save on the hassle and the money.
  • Affordable on your budget – The Breathe Easy is affordable on everybody’s budget. For a limited time, it is available for just $129, while some mouthpieces can cost hundreds. Some can cost you thousands to get made.
  • Doctor Recommended – Doctors everywhere recommend the Breathe Easy Mouthpiece, not only because it is safer than surgery, but also because it can be even more effective. This is why you can purchase the Breathe Easy with the utmost confidence. 
  • Clinically Proven to perform – Several clinical trials prove that the Breathe Easy is powerful and consistent with its track record. When it comes to preventing and eradicating snoring, no other mouthpiece can truly compare in a clinical study. 
  • 101 Sleep Solutions’ guarantee: We give every single one of our loyal customers the same confident guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund you within 24 hours of your request with no questions asked. We even let you keep the mouthpiece.*ATTENTION* – We have just released our brand new state of the art packaging plus accessories. Below check out everything you are getting with your order.
    This Product and Experience is strictly for the ones that are serious about putting an end to their snoring!

    #1 – Brand New Package Breathe EasyBreatheEasy-ProduceDisplay-Website
    #2 – Steven & Lisa Key-chains

    #3 -The Sleep Experience Booklet
    (Front & Back)OutSide-Final


All of our customer’s get our extended warranty. That is right, we guarantee two (2) free replacements with every single mouthpiece. If anything happens to your mouthpiece outside of the initial 30 day refund period, we will send a free replacement with a maximum of two free replacements.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee-UPDATE
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This concludes 101 Sleep Solution’s review. As always, we wish you a great day and an even better night. Join our Sleep circle and get your very own Ebook – “The simple solutions” ($49 value) for free. You can also receive exclusive Sleep Circle discounts and offers nobody else can get. If you have any questions, comments, and or concerns for us, please fee free to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours with a solution.