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Stop Snoring Naturally Using Infrared Technology


Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone. – Anthony Burgess

Is your snoring caused by your sleeping position?

Would you like to opt out of having  to wear dental appliances such as The Breathe Easy Anti Snoring mouthpiece; which is built to treat regular snoring (3-6 times per week) as well as severe  snoring (multiple times per night.) How about avoiding an invasive and potentially dangerous surgery?


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Everybody should take snoring as a serious disturbance to one’s relationship, quality of life, and even more importantly, as a serious health risk. Especially if you find yourself snoring most days out of the week, because loud and recurring snoring could lead to severe health complications.

Dr. Martha Novak Md, PhD authored a clinical study with 12,643 subjects after statistical adjustment for age, sex, body mass index, diabetes, level of education, smoking, and alcohol consumption. The clinical study; out of the Institute of Behavioral science at Semmelweis University compared the risk of severe health issues between loud snoring patients and non-snorers. Did you know:

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Sleeping improperly is one of the causes for snoring. How does your sleep position cause you to snore? Sleeping on your back causes the tongue, soft palate, and or jawline to collapse towards the back of your throat causing a block in your airways. When you are breathing with a partially restricted airway, the air causes vibration against the tissues located at the back of your throat. These vibrations are what produce the sound of snoring.

What if you could naturally train your body and mind to sleep and stay asleep in the proper posture throughout the night naturally using infrared technology?

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How It works to stop snoring all naturally.

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Here’s the part where you discover the ingenious solution behind the Anti Snoring Watch. Most people would never think to associate a simple wrist watch with the cure for snoring, which is precisely where the solution for this habit has proven to be most effective. The evolution of completely natural anti snoring devices has culminated into the form of the Anti Snoring Watch that uses the process of nerve stimulation in order to cure snoring.

Now, here’s the really cool part – since the brain is active even while a person is sleeping, it automatically senses the stimulation of the nerves caused by the electrical pulse sent by the bio-sensor and reacts to it by making the body shift its position relative to the bed.

In other words, the brain itself is being stimulated via the nerves of the skin to make the body turn over or shift to a different sleeping posture in the purpose of eliminating snoring. When this process is continuously repeated, the body becomes trained to minimize those sleeping positions in which the person snores, which results in a natural yet unconscious tendency of the brain to avoid snoring.

Specifics (Details about the watch)

(Pulse Amplitude: fixed 180μA peak into 1,000Ω load)
(Pulse rate: fixed 0.5Hz)
(Pulse width: fixed 800μs, voltage adjustment 2.5 to 1.4V, peak into 1,000Ω load)
(Wave form: asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse)
(Power source: 1.5V AAA battery)
(Maximum wrist belt length: 22cm)

Great Benefits Of The Infrared Anti Snoring Watch.

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When it comes to the overall benefits of this unique and effective Anti Snoring Watch, it’s a very difficult task to choose just several simply because there are so many of them. Here are Ten reasons the Snore Stopper Infrared anti snoring watch is the right way to stop snoring naturally.

  • It has no side effects
  • It is very easy to test and regulate the intensity of the electrical pulse in order to accommodate the preferences of different people.
  • It causes virtually no discomfort or pain whatsoever, the pulse intensity is very discreet and smooth in the purpose of not disturbing sleep.
  • It perfectly detects snoring of different volumes every single time
  • You don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing buttons while sleeping as this possibility was predicted and counter – acted
  • It automatically powers down after 8 hours of constantly running
  • It represents one of the best non – invasive and drug – free anti – snoring treatments currently on the market.
  • it is compactly designed for the purposes of portability and storage, it generally improves the quality of sleep and automatically regulates your sleep patterns.
  • It requires a minimal input by your part which means that you won’t need to change your lifestyle and usual habits.
  • Finally – if you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you can get your money back during a 30 day guarantee. What else do you need to hear?
      • Warning: Watch out for inferior snoring products sold at a very low sale price. You could fall victim to a scam in which you receive an imitation of what you thought you ordered, or not even receive anything at all.
      • The Snore Stopper Infrared Anti-Snoring Watch is available to order directly from our website using secure Paypal servers.



For The Best Results…

Here are some tips to help you further reduce and permanently rid yourself of snoring.

  • Reduce/ stop consuming alcohol
  • Reduce/ stop smoking
  • Exercise and weight loss
  • Avoid sedatives 
  • Create a consistent sleep schedule
  • Open Nasal Passages
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Keep bedroom air moist
  • Having Light meals before sleep
  • Avoid caffeine

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