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Hello and welcome to 101 Sleep Solutions. Over 90 million Americans suffer from snoring. Over 40% of them (37 million) suffer from habitual snoring, which occurs at least 3 nights out of the week. Severe cases can cause multiple interruptions every night. This constant lack of continuous sleep could bee a direct and indirect source for conflict in a lot of healthy relationships. Could your or your sleep partner’s snoring habit be hurting your relationship? It is quite a possibility.

A 2005 National Sleep Foundation survey revealed 31% of couples are making changes to their sleep habits directly due to their sleep partner’s loud snoring. Also, when compared 34% of the women who participated report they needed eight or more hours of sleep every night while only 18% of their male counterparts said the same thing.  The survey also revealed:

    • 23 % admit to sleeping separately. They either sleep in separate beds, bedrooms or with someone on the couch;
    • 8 % report they are forced to alter their sleep schedules; This could mean staying up very late and sleeping in the morning when their sleep partner has left for work.
    • 7 % report they absolutely need earplugs or a sleep mask in order to good deep sleep.
    • 38 % report their sleep partner’s snoring problem has caused damage to their relationship.
    • 27 % admit the intimacy in their relationship has been affected by sleepiness.
    • When compared – 34 percent of women who participated said they needed eight hours or more of sleep, as opposed to 18 percent of men.

You can find more information on the true impact of snoring on a relationship here.


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Whatever your reason might be snoring, you need to find a device that will reduce and stop your snoring without being intrusive on your lifestyle. It’s not only your relationship you need to worry about. Snoring can alarmingly increase an individual’s risk for several cardiovascular complications and

This is why countless Doctors everywhere, such as Dr. Robert Deeb from the Henry Ford Hospital are urging snorers to treat their condition or they could fall victim to a severe health problem. Numerous clinical studies reveal the dangers of snoring. A snoring issue can easily be treated with the right anti snoring device. You no longer need to accept snoring and what it brings with it. A clinical study from Budapest revealed the following about habitual snorers.

snoring health risk statistics

The clinical study was authored by Dr. Martha Novak MD, PhD and done with 12,643  subjects at the Institute of Behavioral Science at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.

3 Effective solutions.

A variety of anti snoring devices are designed for  a lot of different purposes for different people. To better understand which solution is right for you, consider this question. What kind of snoring do you have? Choose below what kind of snoring you suffer from. Feel free to vote anonymously. 


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All 3 of the anti snoring devices presented in this post are proven to treat snoring effectively. Our top choices, according to your 

  1. The Breathe Easy Mouthpiece.
  2. The Snore Stopper Infrared Watch.
  3. The Snore Stopper Nose Clip.

The Snore Stopper Anti Snoring Nose Clip

This Nose clip is designed for people who suffer from a blockage located in the nasal passage that is responsible for a rather mild type of snoring. It is used by positioning the nose clip inwards, which is to say that you need to point the protruding tips located at the end of the nose clip towards your upper nostrils. The way that the nose clip is designed allows it to hold your nostrils apart (wide), which results in the elimination of any congestion and quiet as well as unhindered respiration.

The numerous benefits of this Snoring Nose Clip:

    • Absolutely no discomfort during use;
    • Costs only $25
    • Discrete and non-intrusive
    • Extremely simple maintenance that involves only soap and water to clean;
    • Completely reusable, convenient and safe.
    • High tech soft silicone used as the production material;
    • Fits to any nostril size perfectly;
    • Helps prevent respiratory infections in the upper nasal region;
    • Improves the duration and quality of sleep as a consequence of improved breathing etc.

We recommend our nose clip for light snoring; which usually occurs less than twice per week. We highly recommend it if you snore due to congestion in your nasal passage. Congestion can be caused by:

  • Rhinitis
  • The Common Cold or A Flu
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Deviated Septum
  • Sinus etc…

The Snore Stopper Infrared Anti Snoring Watch

If you’re looking to naturally train your body and mind to reduce and eliminate your snoring, congratulations – you’ve just found it! Designed to have a subtle yet impressively effective. This  Infrared watch can reduce/eliminate your snoring, correct your sleep position, and improve your overall quality of sleep. 

The main principle behind it is automatic detection of snoring. The engineering of this anti snoring watch is based on a patented process of nerve stimulation. The watch functions first by detecting 3 relatively loud snores, after which it dispatches an electrical pulse of very low intensity that lasts 4 seconds through the skin of the person wearing it.

The brain responds to this electrical pulse and forces the rest of the body to change the overall position of the body to the proper posture. This results in the elimination of snoring. Sounds cool, right? Here are some of cool facts about our Infrared watch. 

    • Automatic and accurate snore detection.
    • Electrical pulse intensity can be adjusted and regulated to accommodate each individual’s preferences
    • Minimal Pain/discomfort. 
    • No side effects
    • Discreet and Non intrusive on your lifestyle. 

We recommend our infrared watch for minor snoring. We highly recommend it for
individuals who suffer from body pain due to incorrect sleep postures. It can improve your sleep posture which will reduce and eliminate your snoring as well as improve your sleep quality.

The Breathe Easy Mouthpiece

Our most popular anti snoring device is the Breath Easy Mouthpiece. The breathe Easy is so effective, because it stops and prevents snoring at the source. It is guaranteed to conform and fit inside all jawlines, including irregular ones. Its 

How it Counteracts Snoring

Here’s how it works: the mouthpiece is designed to hold your tongue forward, just behind your front teeth so that it doesn’t fall back and block your airways. It does virtually the same exact thing with your jaw line – it keeps it forward (which is to say upward, when you’re lying down) in order to secure an unhindered flow of air through your throat, thus enabling you to take long and full breaths.

how a snoring mouth guard workshow the breathe easy mouthpiece works

As a result of this change, your breathing will increase in volume and bring in plenty more oxygen into your lungs than it would if your pathways were clogged by your tongue or jaw line, which is actually what happens when you snore. The benefits, you ask? Well, it’s hard to single out just a few, but here goes nothing:

  •  Last but not least it is quite affordable. It is currently $99 (with our $30 discount) A fraction of the cost when compared to the $400+ you would be required to pay for a prescription anti snoring tool which might not even perform as well as the Breathe Easy.
  • Ensures maximum comfort due to the fact that it’s made from high grade soft silicone. This is why you will find it conforming to your jawline with ease. 
  • Features four big holes for air that are positioned strategically to ensure that you breathe comfortably and stay asleep all night long.  Breathing complications can awake individuals and forbid them from getting that continuous deep sleep they need. 
  • Ez Boil 2 Bite preparation ensures a perfect fit every time. If you have an irregular jawline, do not worry. Our Breathe Easy is easy to customize your unique jawline. Simply boiling our Breathe Easy will soften the silicone, making it easier to conform to your teeth, tongue and jaw structure. Its also a great way to sterilize it as well.
  • It can prevent a number of sleeping disorders related to breathing, alongside the fact that it improves your quality of sleep as well as your sleeping patterns etc.

We recommend our mouthpiece for habitual snoring which occurs at least three nights every week. Severe cases of habitual snoring can cause an individual to disturb themselves and their sleep partner multiple times every night. We suggest the Breathe Easy for all heavy snoring.

You can find more details about bout the breathe easy & our discount here. Don’t forget to take advantage of our summer sale. All summer long, our readers get $30 discount on every Breathe Easy mouthpiece  at 101 Sleep Solutions.

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Thank you!

As appreciation to our visitors and customers, we would like to offer our most exciting offer.  For a limited time, we are making all three of these devices available for a big bundle discount. The 101 Snore Killer Bundle. comes with all three of the above for just $129. You will save over $100 when you purchase the bundle instead of paying full price for all individual items.

101 sleep solutions' stop snoring devices bundle

We hope you found helpful information to help understand your snoring, and find the right solution for yourself and or sleep partner.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours with a solution. Have a good day and an even better night. – Steven Sanders. 


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