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Zquiet Consumer Reviews From Actual Users – The Naked Truth!


What if you woke up in the middle of the night with your gums bleeding because of the mouthpiece you wear for your snoring problem? What if your teeth become loose? What if you knew the risk beforehand? Would you reconsider purchasing it?

Welcome readers. Thank you for visiting 101 Sleep Solutions. We are here to help you in your fight against snoring. Snoring is one of the biggest sleep disorders in the US affecting one out of every three men. When compared, only one in every five women snore.

Steven and Lisa Sanders from 101 Sleep Solutions bring first-hand consumer reviews of Zquiet from real snoring patients like yourself! You might find some of the results a bit shocking.

In this brutally honest Zquiet mouthpiece review, we break down the pros and cons. We have also included unbiased testimonials from actual users who have purchased the mouthpiece. It is essential to see the whole experience, so you can make a truly informed decision for yourself. We will start by all of the burning questions you want answered. 



Zquiet consumers review the mouthpiece            

  •          Does Zquiet really work?
  •          What are users saying?
  •          What are the side effects?
  •          Is there a better alternative?


Our Average Consumer Review For Zquiet- (C) 2.5/5

Real zquiet reviews from customers



We believe there are Four Key Factors to focus on before you make a decision to purchase any kind of snoring mouthpiece on the market. 

First, you want to know if the mouthpiece is going to fit your jawline and sit comfortably in your mouth. You must find out how effective it truly is at stopping and preventing snoring. You want to know what others who have already bought the product are saying about their experience. Last but not least, you want to find out what the real cost of ownership for the device is.

      • Fit/Comfort 2/5
      • Effectiveness 2/5
      • Customer Feedback 2/5
      • Real price 4/5

Zquiet’s Fit Inside The User’s Mouth

Our research found that Zquiet’s users gave mixed reviews when it comes to how well it fits inside of their mouth. One of the great things about this mouthpiece is the living hinge technology that makes for easy breathing while wearing the mouthpiece and sleeping. The biggest user complaint about the Zquiet snoring mouthpiece is that it only comes in one size. This can be tricky since people do not all have the same jawline. In fact a majority of the people who need to use mouthpieces in order to stop snoring have abnormal jawlines.

Zquiet's living hinge technology review


The mouthpiece is marketed to be a “one size fits all” solution to all snoring, but that does not seem to be the case. There are a lot of satisfied customers who are happy with their purchase, but there have been numerous user complaints about Zquiet regarding discomfort and pain caused by the mouthpiece. We believe this is due to the fact that the mouthpiece is not “boil-able”. 

Zquiet’s Real Performance Reviewed By Its Users

Zquiet's performance user reviewed


Zquiet mouthpiece users gave very mixed reviews on its effectiveness as well. Consumers have reported a significant reduction in their snoring and nighttime interruptions, but that is not the case for everybody. An alarming number of Zquiet’s consumers have reported the Zquiet does not fit well, keeps falling out of their mouths, and causes pain and discomfort that keeps them up all night.

When you look at the big picture, the Zquiet mouthpiece seems to be a hit or a miss. If it works – it works very well. When it fails – it fails miserably. This lack of effectiveness is mainly attributed to the lack of different sizes to accommodate the different size jawlines.


Zquiet Consumer Reports & Zquiet complaints

Zquiet complaints from real users



According to user feedback, “the customer service and money back guarantee” are also a cause for a lot of complaints. To see the reason behind this issue, we checked Yelp.com. Here is what users are saying about their Zquiet’s customer service experience. These complaints include:

        • Slow, un-responsive, and rude customer service
        • Unauthorized charges on credit cards
        • Difficult and frustrating return process
        • Longer than advertised shipping process


Zquiet Side Effects Users Should Expect

  • A tendering of the tongue. Users have reported a tendering of the tongue as one of the most common side effects of the Zquiet mouthpiece. This side effect is temporary and can last from 1-3 weeks. Please allow for continuous use for your body to adapt to the changes caused by the mouthpiece.
  • Excessive Salivation. A number of Zquiet consumer reviews have also reported a temporary case of Excessive salivation, which simply means drooling. Using the mouthpiece could lead to you waking up with drool on your pillow. Majority of users also report this side effect lasts from 1-3 weeks if it happens to you.
  • Loose teeth. Some users have reported their teeth got loose due to the mouthpiece. If you have an abnormal jawline, you might consider a mouthpiece made of silicone, such as the Breathe Easy anti snoring mouthpiece – Due to the high tech soft silicone and the Ez boil to bite method, it is able to conform to your jawline a lot more comfortably causing virtually no pain or discomfort.

 What Zquiet users have to say

If you are wondering – Does zquiet work or not? I say dont take that chance. I was not too pleased with my experience with the mouthpiece not to mention their customer service. It was hell trying to return the damn thing. I ended up cutting my loses to save myself from that headache. I would feel much better recommending the breathe easy to someone. – Sean Perth

It works alright. I bought the zquiet for my husband not too long ago. It definitely has reduced his snoring and allowed me to get some rest, but Im not overwhelmed with the results. My biggest complaint is the quality of the product. I am already starting to see signs of aging from use and im not really sure how much longer it is going to be before I have to replace it. Would I recommend? Yes – Adriana Priscal

Its a good product. Its not an amazing product, but its good for around $70. – Chad Sung

If you are wondering “Should I buy zquiet or not?” Save your time and go with the Breathe Easy. You are going to end up spending an extra $60, but I would insist on it. If you buy zquiet, good luck trying to return it. – Christina Long

Zquiet’s Full Cost.(After 30 Day Trial)


A great upside to all of these short comings is the low price. Zquiet’s official website advertises a 30-day trial period for just $9.95 + shipping and handling. If you decide to keep the product after the 30 days – you will be charged the full price of $59.95. This brings your total to $69.9 + tax + shipping and handling costs. This makes Zquiet a good mouthpiece if you are on a strict budget. 

After reading our take on the subject, if you have decided on ordering the Zquiet mouthpiece – you can do so by going to their official web page.

Our #1 Recommended Anti Snoring Mouthpiece.

Zquiet vs breathe easy review


101 Sleep Solutions can not guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your experience with any other mouthpiece. However, we can proudly stand behind and recommend The Breathe Easy Dual Guard anti snoring mouthpiece. It is the only mouthpiece that we believe in to reduce and eliminate your snoring. This is because its revolutionary design and material allows it to be as effective as a prescription grade mouthpiece without the prescription price tag or the hassle of having to go to a Doctor. 

You could easily end up going to the spending over $400 by going to the Doctor to obtain a prescription in order to buy other mouthpieces, but the Breathe Easy is available to the general public (without a prescription) directly from our website for just $129.99. Yes it is more expensive than the Zquiet, but in the snoring industry, you can truly expect to get what you paid for.


Stop Snoring In 3 Easy Steps + Benefits

101SS reviews the breathe easy and compares it to zquiet

  • Optimum Comfort! You can expect virtually zero pain or discomfort due to the high-tech soft silicone which it is made out of.
  • Dual Guard Technology. The Breathe Easy is the only mouth guard we recommend to tackle heavy and habitual snoring, because it stops snoring at both of the main sources unlike its competition.This is why we are proud to recommend it to our readers.
  • Doctor Recommended! You can have the utmost confidence when you purchase the Breathe Easy, because it is approved and recommended by Medical Doctors and Dental specialists.

  • Clinically Proven! The Breathe Easy has one of the best track records with clinical studies that prove its the best choice to combat your snoring. It also has the one of the lowest return rates in the industry. 
  • Perfect Fit Every time. It fits all jawlines including irregular ones thanks to the Doctor recommended Boil 2 Bite method. 
  • Effortless Breathing through large air holes that come built in the mouthpiece
  • Prevents teeth grinding. It is so good at firmly positioning your jawline, it even prevents bruxism. 
  • Affordable on a budget. It costs hundreds, even thousands less that other mouth guards that might not offer you better performance. 
  • Backed by 101 sleep solutions. See below for our industry leading product warranty. Click here to learn more about this offer. 


Extended Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Breathe Easy is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have not achieved your desired results within a full month, you will get a refund and you can still keep the mouthpiece to save yourself shipping costs.

101 Sleep Solutions Guarantee


If anything happens to your mouthpiece or you lose it after the initial 30 days, you can get up to two (2) free replacements. This is just one of the ways Sleep solutions looks out for our customers and readers. We always want to make sure you are fully informed before spending your hard earned money. This is also why we take the extra step to back up all of our products and service beyond the standard 30 day period. 

This concludes 101 Sleep Solution’s official Zquiet anti snoring mouthpiece review. We hope you found this article to be informative and helpful in your decision making. Join our sleep circle by liking our Facebook and subscribing to our Sleep Circle to stay updated on helpful medical articles, exclusive discounts,  and offers.

Customer Feedback on our Industry Leading Customer Service
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